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 My name is Erika Nizborski, I’m a photographer from Washington, DC. Currently, I’m working on a fine art photo series called “30 at Thirty”, I’ve given myself a year to photograph 30 women at the age of 30 and conduct a short interview with each subject. This idea came to me in November 2017 when I turned 30 myself. This is a self funded art project that I’m trying to do across the US. 

There is so much pressure around turning 30, looking back at past generations what roles women have had, and paths they have taken in terms of careers and family. I want to get a real look on what we really are doing now. I see a lot of “woe is me” articles written by people our age and I would like to shine a positive light and tell a different side of the story.

Ideally the portrait would take place in a location that has a lot of meaning to the subject. Maybe it’s at home or, work, or even at a public place that has significance to them. Are you 30? Do you identify as Female?If you would like participate in my project please email me:


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